Area Rugs

We begin with a thorough inspection
This inspection notates: size, type, colors, odors, soil conditions, overall condition of construction of rug, condition of the fibers, fringe, edges and face of the rug. All of these conditions are noted, then we can start the cleaning process.

Problem areas are worked on
Any spots caused by urine, food, oil etc are worked on next. Different spots and spills are treated with different solutions. We employ the sun, shade, heat and many other other natural elements to remedy the problem. If the rug has an odor it will be treated with a deodorizer used in our cleaning process.

Then we clean your area rug
Over the years we have found that there is no “one size fits all” method when it comes to cleaning rugs. We decide what type of cleaning method to use depending on the type of rug, the problem it has and the type of soil. We can employ different methods. We can use hot water extraction cleaning. This is basically a warm, soapy water wash with a clean water rinse. In some instances, dry cleaning is appropriate as well. Whichever method we use, at this point, the spots have been worked on, the fibers have been shampooed and the dirt and oils have been loosened and suspended. the fibers are now rinsed to flush out all of the impurities in the rug. The next step is cleaning the fringe. The fringing is brushed, untangled and straightened out, then cleaned and the entire rug is given a final grooming.