Hardwood Floor Cleaning


Wood Floor Cleaning

Your wood floors are a beautiful and important feature of your home.  Proper maintenance of your flooring, whether solid hardwood or engineered wood, is imperative to preserve it and prevent costly traditional sanding and refinishing projects.  Our professional hardwood maintenance systems will properly clean and provide a protective coating to the floor.  It will protect and add value to your investment while giving it a beautiful aesthetic as well.

Our wood floor cleaning system is a process that aggressively cleans dirt, grease, hair, dust, built up residue, and other contaminants, adding beauty to tired looking floors and bringing back the luster to the floor.  Using a very low moisture wood cleaning process, we first clean the floor with a professional, deep cleaning solution, to neutralize the floor and prepare it for a finish coat, if desired.  The hardwood floor cleaning process can be performed as a stand alone maintenance procedure or it can be performed in preparation for a finish coat.  The finish coat will restore a uniform sheen to the floor.

We can apply any cleaning solution the customer desires, such as Bona or any polishing product the customer may prefer.

In some circumstances, floors that have suffered extensive abuse and have wood showing through the finish, variations in color of the stain, deep cracks, scratches, indentations, or discoloration from pet stains may require a traditional sanding and refinishing process in order to restore.  Special considerations may be needed in situations where wood floors have been maintained using a paste wax, acrylic wax, or an acrylic floor polish.  Regular maintenance of your wood floors will provide years of protection and beauty to your home.