Upholstery Cleaning


The beauty of your home involves regular upholstery cleaning. Using our powerful extraction, deep steam cleaning method, we provide the best cleaning possible and expert knowledge to do the job well. We always clean to manufacturer’s specifications to insure the protection and life of the fabric.

We offer cleaning of leather upholstered furniture as well, to restore the beauty and luster of the leather, using the highest quality professional leather cleaning solutions.

FullSizeRender(1)Over time, dust, grime, odors, pet hair and dander as well as other pollutants in your upholstered furniture can, and do cause allergies. This leads to the loss of the original beauty.  Deterioration of the fabric may lead to the need to replace these expensive items sooner than necessary.

We recommend professional cleaning of upholstery once a year to extend the life and beauty of your furniture.  Applying fabric seal to protect the fabric from spills, dirt and everyday grime will extend the life of your upholstery.  Using the highest quality, non-toxic cleaning solutions, we are proud to offer our customers the very best, environmentally safe upholstery cleaning.

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  • Keep Food Away.  Food can make your upholstery absorb undesirable grease and food molecules.
  • Be Mindful of Pets.  Controlling pet dander can do wonders for keeping allergies at bay.  If you really need some emergency help, we have our Pet Urine Removal Treatment services!
  • Vacuum Upholstery.  While you might not think about it at first glance, it is uniquely beneficial to keeping that upholstery free from dirt, marks, or stains.
  • Keep Moisture Out.  Moisture can get into your upholstery, making an ideal environment for mold and other undesirable substances to grow.  Keeping moisture out of the upholstery can benefit it in the long term.